Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How to improve your personality, glamour, beauty in the 1940's

I found this really super great book at a vintage shop in Tacoma, WA while on vacation.
I almost died laughing while reading this book. Here are some of my fav pages.

This is my favorite page!

Exercises for the Bust

"The female bosom has always been a symbol of health and beauty." (oh my gosh!) The shape, size, and firmness and erectness of the breasts, also their relation to the size and contour of the body are all taken into account when a woman is appraised for her charm." ( It is hard to believe people used to think this crap!)

Do you have a "fat neck"

The Westmore brothers

"They lay down fundamental principles governing the application of make-up as a means of dramatizing the personality and enhancing a women's charm."

The Westmore brothers are doing over members of an audience in 20 min. for a contest, " to size up the personality of the winner"


Jill said...

How funny!! I love looking at old ads and magazines and such--uuhhgg! I found your etsy site which led me to your blog. I like the items in your studio, especially the cut out figures. Did you find them or make them?

vintagecharm said...

I found them in an antique store and paid too much for them. I just had to have them!

trishhunterfinds said...

Hullo! I know this post is from so long ago, but hoping you may still get this comment.
I'm from Australia and have been searching high and low for this book! I don't think we got it here.
Just wondering if you're over it now and feel like selling it?
Would be happy to pay a good price as I jsut can't find it!
Cheers in advance.
Oh my email is trish (at) trishhunterfinds.com.au