Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vintage Charm Studio Highlight - L.A. Native

We have three new comers to Vintage Charm Studio, today I will be featuring L.A. Native. Fun and trendy Tribal Jewelry and eccessories.
L.A. NATIVE is a collaborative effort between two California girls. Inspired by the beaches, canyons, and city streets we grew up on...and the desire to make something old new again...we chose to create. We make art that you can wear. Every individually designed piece of L.A. NATIVE jewelry is handcrafted and 100% original. No two pieces are alike. We believe in the power of self expression and personal style and enjoy creating something special and unique for everyone. Our designs are created using only the finest of new and reclaimed vintage materials, and include leather, feathers, reclaimed vintage fur, semi-precious stones and metals, vintage charms, antique swarsovski crystal beads and much more. All feathers are naturally molted, for your peace of mind and ours. We love treasures...good luck...and freedom. We hope that’s what L.A. NATIVE will represent to you. xoBekah Bourget & Emily Hudsonco-creators

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